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Staging and Design by Lisa Marie: My mission is to transform a house into what a potential buyer would want to call home. With my creativity and the owner’s furnishing we can make that “at- home-feel” one room at a time. As a result, my clients will maximize their return on their investment in the shortest amount of time.
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A Strangerr is just a friend you havent met yet… Lisa Marie is a New Friend!!!

Patti C – Omaha NE
Super friendly and professional easy to work with- results are stunning!!!

Kevin and Sandy H – Omaha NE

So happy to have help in this difficult process of moving my mom!

Carol F – Omaha NE
Lisa Marie gave us excellent advice, tactfully provided.
I would highly recommend having Lisa Marie help you prepare your home for today’s market!!!

Carolyn T – Omaha NE
Lisa Marie did an excellent job from start to finish with the staging process.
I look forward to working with Lisa Marie in the near future.

Chris Phillips

Nebraska Realty

I would highly recommend Staging and Design by Lisa Marie. Lisa Marie met us at the house to help us with the staging process. Along with being available to answer the phone if we had any questions.

Matt Heller

NP Dodge


Lisa Marie is fantastic! She was such a great help, giving us tons of ideas on how to improve our home and wasn’t over the top. She knows what she’s talking about! I can’t wait to get started making changing to our home and seeing her gorgeous ideas come to life!!!

Kristen H – Omaha NE

I have never been disappointed and neither have my clients. I just turn it over to Lisa Marie and she will go from there. Great job Lisa Marie!!!

Jackie Walls

NP Dodge



Lisa Marie was the prefect stager for my retiring and relocating clients. Her gentle but clear instructions were just the right touch! She was very patient and encouraging too! I really enjoyed working with Lisa Marie and will definitely be using her again!

Michael and Marilyn Goure

Omaha Solid Ground Keller Williams Greater Omaha




I just wanted you to know that our house sold so fast… We had four showings and got three offers, one of which was all cash and no closing costs, Yaay!!!

I truly believe our house sold so fast because you gave us so many wonderful tips on staging it.  Everyone (including us!) thought it just looked so modern, welcoming and polished.  I can’t thank you enough.  Your services are worth their weight in gold, and we are so grateful you helped us get our house ready for sale.

Randy and Ruth A. – Omaha NE


Lisa Marie services are excellent.  She makes the process of staging a home easy with her professional suggestions.

Dawn Boyle

Nebraska Realty



Lisa Marie is such a kind and friendly person, I enjoyed working with her from the beginning of our remodel to the end.  I love that I also got to choose some of the items used in the kitchen and also in the baby’s room.

Mindy M. – Omaha NE


This was my first time using a professional stager and will use Lisa Marie many times in the future.   I plan to always have my homes staged before putting them on the market.  My listing sold in 2 days with 2 showings and we got 2 offers!!

Mary Livington

CBS Home



Lisa Marie was focused and efficient.  Staging can be a difficult process for the client.  Lisa Marie was kind and empathetic.  I would highly recommend Staging and Design by Lisa Marie to others.  My client received a serious offer in just 4 days after staging!!

Darci Coolidage

Nebraska Realty



Lisa Marie, thanks for all your help today!  You definitely are in the right profession and have a wonderful eye for decorating!  Also, thanks for putting up with the kiddos and the dog.

Bethany M. – Omaha NE


Lisa Marie helped my sellers feel comfortable and reassured by giving them the tools to have their property ready and looking beautiful before listing their home. Thank you for all your help.

Serina Bullington

Nebraska Realty


p.s.  The home sold the first day it was on the market.  You did a great job and obviously take pride in what you do!


Lisa Marie was positive, upbeat, and energetic. When possible, she tried to use what we had available. She gave clear instructions and suggestions and was a good decision maker. She delivered hard messages in a kind way as well. I also liked the written material that she left me, it was very helpful. Also, the information on service providers was great. Your help made a big difference, thank you so much!

Peg H. -Omaha NE


Our listing sold in less than a day for over the listing price. The purchasers stated that it showed better than anything else they have toured. Thanks, Lisa Marie!

The professional staging service of Staging and Design by Lisa Marie, is a part of Denton-Erickson Realtors listing package.  Lisa Marie is a true expert with a fantastic sense of design and style that makes every client’s home look inviting and comfortable.  With just enough furniture and accessories, the buyer can experience that warm feeling and still imagine living there with their furnishings.   Lisa Marie’s staged homes sell fast!!

Julie Erickson

Denton Erickson Realtors CBSHOME Real Estate



Our house looks amazing now. Everyone said it was already staged, but now it looks new and spacious!

Kevin & Rhonda F – Omaha NE


Since my clients were on a tight budget, Lisa gave me some ideas I could do myself to keep costs down and dress up the house a little in areas like the bathrooms and kitchen. We turned one bath into a “spa bath” since it had a sauna and whirlpool, this gave it such a warmer feel.

Becky Gallagher

Century 21, Century Real Estate



Lisa Marie, thank you so much for your help in staging my house. My house sold in a week and I truly believe it has a lot to do with your wonderful job making my house stand out from the other houses that were on the market. Again, thank you so much!

Katie P. -Omaha NE


Lisa Marie meets you at the house. She is very easy to work with and offers realistic suggestions that do not require spending a ton of money to improve the look of your home. I did what Lisa Marie suggested and my home sold in less than 24 hours for the asking price. Thank you so much.

Janet B. – Omaha NE


Lisa Marie was so friendly to my clients.  She took a situation that could have been stressful to them and made it a fun, positive experience.  The home looked amazing as well!

Kristin Brown

NP Dodge



Lisa Marie is very nice and was very prepared. She knew how to stage the home with colorful furniture and décor items. GREAT JOB! Thank you.

Howard T. – Omaha NE


Lisa Marie exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Staging and Design by Lisa Marie to friends and family, whether preparing to sell a home or just needing a change in home décor. It is worth every penny.

Katie F. – Omaha NE


I can’t even begin to tell Lisa Marie how much I appreciated her services. She helped lighten my load so much. I have to ask myself, “Why” did I hang on to all that no-good junk, because it feels so good to not have it anymore! Thank you so much.

Anne M. – Omaha NE


I was skeptical at first with the process, but I think it helped sell my home. I would recommend her to family and friends.

Carol S. – Omaha NE


If you are thinking of selling your home, you should call Lisa Marie first, even before you call a realtor. Lisa Marie helped us more than with just staging our house before putting it on the market. She helped us de-clutter a lot of stuff we were essentially warehousing. What a relief. I wanted to use a dumpster, but she arranged donations of the usable items, worthy in its own right (in addition to the tax deduction). She has the phone numbers of every decent repair person or service you will need. Beware, she is very skilled at her art and you may very well want to keep your house after she is finished with the décor. Even if you are not preparing to sell, consider her services for de-clutter and creating a beautiful home. She is highly qualified, efficient, economical and practical. You cannot go wrong with choosing Lisa Marie.

Guy L. – Omaha NE


Thank you, Lisa Marie, very much. It was great meeting you and we appreciate your knowledge and help.

Kathy M. – Omaha NE


I called Lisa Marie out of the blue, we spoke on the phone and she was able to meet with the clients right away! She is very accommodating and the clients enjoyed working with Lisa Marie! She listens to what is needed, makes professional suggestions and executes according to the clients’ situation.

Katie Weinert

CBSHOME Real Estate



Lisa Marie did an excellent job, I have already recommended her to our friends. I loved her advice and work. We have had more showings and we are hoping for a reasonable offer soon.

Mary W. – Omaha NE


Lisa Marie was prompt and she met clients personably and professionally. Lisa Marie toured their home and answered all of their questions with certainty and then meticulously staged their home. By the end of the session they had hit it off very well and my clients were/are very happy. Thank you Lisa Marie.

Christine Shour

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Ambassador Real Estate 



Lisa Marie, my husband and I thank you so very much for all of your help with getting our home ready to put up for sale. It is absolutely amazing that the very first couple that came and looked at our home were the ones that put an offer on the home as well. We truly believe it had a lot to do with how you staged our home. Thank you so much!!

Chris and Renee B. – Omaha NE


Lisa Marie does an amazing job! My clients LOVE her and always wish they would have made the changes she recommends before so they could enjoy them!

Tiffany Hodge

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Ambassador Real Estate



Lisa Marie, thank you for your tasteful and insightful staging. The house looks beyond great! We don’t know how anyone could not love this house after what you all have done for us. Thank you ever so much.

Michael and Constance W. – Omaha NE


Lisa Marie does an outstanding job! Thank you for being a part of my team!

David Matney

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Ambassador Real Estate 



Lisa Marie’s competence, professionalism, and good ideas made my house look great and very appealing. Sold in less than two weeks.

Dianne M. – Omaha NE


Thanks to Lisa Marie’s talented work, our house sold in 4 days! You would not believe the awesome comments that we received from friends!

Kassie L. – Omaha NE

Lisa Marie exceeded all of our expectations! I would highly recommend her services to anyone. Thank you for your help, it was a relief to have a person like Lisa Marie take over the entire moving process of downsizing our father into an Independent Living facility. You made everything so much easier for the both of us. We appreciate your kindness, you are our angel.

Dwayne and Lou B. – Southport NC


I saw a house on the internet a couple years of ago and found out it had been staged. I loved the home from the minute I saw it. I attributed a lot of it to the way the house had been staged.  Because of that experience, I decided to try the staging process to sell our home.  We were very happy with the efficient, skillful work Lisa Marie did. I truly believe we will make every penny of the money we spent on the staging in return multiple times over.  Her suggestions were excellent and her design/staging skills were very strong.  I would recommend her to family and friends without a doubt!

JoAnn H. – Omaha NE


Lisa Marie, is the TOP REASON my homes sell so quickly.  I wouldn’t sell a home without her help in staging it.

Kit Pflaum

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Ambassador Real Estate 



4 DAYS!  That’s all it took to sell once Lisa Marie helped me stage our home….and we got 2 offers at the list price!  Lisa Marie did in two hours what I would have never been able to see or alter on my own.  It is literally the best money I’ve ever spent on a home.  The packet she equipped us with, as well as the list of things to alter, were exactly what we needed to stage the home properly.  Thank you Lisa Marie!

Judy R. – Omaha NE


Lisa Marie confidently and kindly worked with my clients to make staging work for their budget.  Her approach makes the advantage of staging fit every circumstance. What shines through is her generosity and practicality!….and of course the house sold in a couple of days!

Marty Hosking

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Ambassador Real Estate 




Lisa Marie transformed my home into a dream home for me.  The sad part is now I’m putting my home on the market.  Thank you so much.  It was so much fun to work with you, Lisa Marie

Kathy K. – Omaha NE


Lisa Marie was referred by my realtor.  She was very confident that nothing would be over looked as she staged my vacant condo in midtown.  I was very pleased and had no complaints. Lisa Marie exceeded my expectations.

Ronald L. – Omaha NE


Lisa Marie did an excellent job adapting to the clients needs.  It was a fun process and she has a really good eye of what looks good.  She also took the photos that I could upload to the MLS.  I would highly recommend Lisa Marie to professionally stage your  home.

Sarah Whitmarsh

Nebraska Realty




Lisa Marie exceeded my expectations.  I provide my real estate clients with the best service, so it gives me great pleasure to add Lisa Marie to my real estate team.  Lisa goes over and above in every way.  She is extremely talented and professional.

Houses sell quicker and for a higher dollar.  This is why I use Lisa Marie on every listing.

Rachel H Tiller

NP Dodge


(402) 403-9181


I would highly recommend Staging and Design by Lisa Marie.  She is very professional and will go the extra distance to assure client satisfaction.  Lisa Marie assisted me in picking and purchasing furniture for our home.  She listened to my needs and worked with Nebraska Furniture Mart to get the best pricing for my furniture,  My family loves the furniture.  Thank you Lisa Marie.

Marsha Z. – Omaha NE


Lisa Marie helped us move out of our home of 37 years with 57 years of stuff to a one bedroom apartment. Lisa Marie helped us to declutter and even arranged the movers.  She knew what needed to be done and when in order to reach our goal moving date.  Lisa Marie is a hard worker and is very trust-worthy.  We recommended her to our friend who is also in need to downsize.

John and Colleen S. – Omaha NE


Lisa Marie is so open, honest and sweet. This is really the best thing for you and your home. Lisa Marie will work with your current taste and existing furnishings as well as some new ones to help make your home appear as best as it can be!  She has definitely gone above and beyond my every expections, giving honest and wonderful advice and helpful hints.  She helps you as if it were her own home.

Brad and Tracy R. – Omaha NE


Lisa Marie got my client “on-board” for changes that needed to be done in order to get the best price possible.  The “before” and “after” was amazing, it made a huge difference. Best money spent to help succeed to closing

Team Rosso
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Ambassador Real Estate 


Lisa Marie came very well prepared. She made  a HUGE difference in how the rooms looked…. made them all come to life and really brought out the new paint colors. Our home was sold in 10 days.  Thank you SO  MUCH for your help on this.  You were great!

Jack U. – Omaha NE


Working with Lisa Marie was the best money I spent.  My house sold for over the asking price in one day.

Dee W. – Omaha, NE


Having our home staged for sale was the best investment of time and money we’ve ever made.  Our home sold in 3 days after the home was staged by Staging and Design by Lisa Marie, LLC. Lisa Marie was always on time and definately prepared for any situation.  It was an education on preparing your home to be sold and we learned so much.  It was also a fresh approach at viewing our home.  We are enjoying living in our new surrounding even if it is for a short time.  Thank you Lisa Marie – We couldn’t have done it without you.  Fantastic job!

Stan and Diane N. – Omaha, NE

Lisa Marie came to our home and in just a few short days set up an entire garage sale, organized our things and helped pack for our move. She was the most valuable asset in the entire process of us moving to a new state. I will never be able to thank her for her help and awesome company that helped me through a difficult and stressful time. I would strongly recommend working with her for any help you might need. I even asked her to come to our new home to help unpack and decorate. It would be a privilege to have her help me again!

Laura C. – Omaha, NE

Lisa Marie is very honest and well organized. She came to our home with her tool box and and accessories and was ready to work on the things we talked about at the consultation. We are thrilled with the look of our living room and would highly recommend Lisa Marie to assist you in any of your home decorating needs. This experience was so much fun. I admire her talent and commitment.

Eugene and Eileen H.

I was motivated by Lisa to face this move and all the transitions in my life with more positive thought and action.  I could tell that Lisa put a great deal of thought and skill into the decor and flow of our home. She really invested her skills and willingness into making our home welcoming to us and prospective buyers.  We like it so much and we wish we could stay.  Thank you.

Mark and Linda M. – Omaha, NE


I am so excited about my new redesigned bedroom.  I’m thrilled with how beautiful it looks and how it feels to walk in.  It is welcoming, warm and useful too.  I was glad Lisa Marie could use my own things to create a beautiful space.  Thank you.

Andrea A. – Omaha, NE


I never thought of putting the blue and grey colors together until I hired Lisa Marie.  She had so many new and different ideas like getting rid of my big cupboard from the bathroom.  Wow!  It makes that little room so much bigger and I guess I really didn’t need any of the stuff that was in there anyway.  I still need to find a big white rug to go in there as suggested by Lisa Marie.  Thanks again Lisa Marie, I love my new half bath!

Cynthia Jo


I was very pleased with Lisa Marie, when we first spoke on the phone she asked questions regarding my personal likes and dislikes on color.  Lisa Marie was very flexible on scheduling a time with me that fit into my schedule.  I was so happy with the color pallette she chose.  It not only was warm, but it matched our flooring and woodwork as well.  It truly represents my personality.   Overall, I am very pleased with Lisa Marie.  Her professionalism and willingness to listen makes her a diamond in the rough.  I would highly recomend her to anyone. Thank you.

Marsha Z. – Omaha, NE


Lisa Marie had a lot of creative and innovative ideas for our game room.  Lisa Marie gave me great ideas to refurnish what I had, which helped get this job done quickly and ecomomically.  Lisa Marie’s cheerfulness and excitement on this project made it a fun experience.  We love the way our game room turned out.  I would highly recommend Lisa Marie’s services to anyone.  Thank you so much,

Carol T.

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